Normality - The Compleat Roleplaying Game
Hugh Dingwall and Vishãla Jekic
vishãla jekic and hugh dingwall

Normality is to table-top roleplaying what Dada is to Art.

It is anti-roleplaying.

Where normal games allow escapism and tangential conversation is encouraged, Normality strips away pretension and frivolity until the players' bare nerve-endings are exposed.

Where other games provide rules which allow endless haggling over minutiae, Normality is impenetrable at first glance. Only the GM is final arbiter, and then only once they have begun to understand the book through repeated reading and study. This is in the tradition of ergodic literature, where the value of the text is in part derived from the effort taken to decode it.

Normality has been run in multiple sessions at two separate conventions with mind-altering results. It has allowed players to achieve a near-telepathic level of communication with one another, and significantly changed the mental states of all the participants.

You can read Normality and the GM's Guide below via Issuu.

Alternatively, you can download pdf copies below: 

Normality - A guide for prospective GMs.pdf Normality - A guide for prospective GMs.pdf
Size : 0.873 Kb
Type : pdf
Normality.pdf Normality.pdf
Size : 9.326 Kb
Type : pdf

If you've downloaded Normality and would like a (marginally) more legible hard-copy version, you can email us below to negotiate the sale.

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