The Penguin Harlequinade is a very silly, very fast-paced tabletop roleplaying game by Hugh and Angus Dingwall. It is based on Commedia dell'Arte, which is a very old Italian style of masked comic theatre. Commedia relies on stock characters interacting in a semi-improvised plot which starts from an initial scenario.

A standard Commedia plot might be as follows:

  1. A is in love with B.
  2. B is in love with C, who is for some reason totally unsuitable.
  3. A enlists the help of their friends D through F, who are unfortunately all very stupid. (Optionally, D-F may be friends or employees of B or C in order to introduce a conflict of interest).
  4. Hilarity ensues.
If you can handle the thought of playing a character with the mental attributes of a brain-damaged ant high on caffeine, I humbly recommend The Penguin Harlequinade for your delectation.

You can read The Penguin Harlequinade below via

Alternatively, you can download pdf versions below.

For those of you who favour crushed-dead-tree format over hypothetical-magnetically-stored-ones-and-zeroes format, I recommend downloading the "booklet print" pdf. It is materially identical to the other one, it just has an extra blank page added in to make booklet printing easier. 

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